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Dress Shopping on a Budget!

Major retailers are starting to offer wedding dresses at affordable pricing. You can find great deals at Target and now H&M. Check H&Ms dress and other affordable options here.

According to the article the cost of the average wedding dress is $1,211. If you shop around, there are a lot of cheaper options out there and you don’t have to sacrifice on style. Bridal shops have sales throughout the year and there are some shops that have discounted dresses available year round.

Once you set a budget for your dress don’t tempt yourself by going to an upscale boutique to try on dresses that are out of the budget. You could end up being disappointed or end up buying a dress way over the amount you originally wanted to spend. Also, remember that a lot more goes into the overall wedding day look than just the dress. Make sure to set a budget for your shoes, jewelry, and other accessories to complete your look. Alterations and the cost of the right undergarments, like crinoline, can add up so more the reason to save on the cost of your dress! 

I suggest that you start the shopping process early and bring friends and family members that will help you make a good decision and that are excited to share the dress shopping experience with you.

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