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Wedding Day Tips

When I was planning my wedding I always asked my married friends if they had any tips or things they wish they had done differently for their big day. So here are a few tips that will help you have a stress-free wedding day.

#1 Try to schedule a few minutes for just you and your new spouse after the ceremony to soak in the the moment and connect before pictures and the reception begin. It will be nice the have some one-on-one time before you are pulled in different directions at the reception. It helps to slow down for five minutes so the day doesn’t feel like a total whirlwind.

#2 Assign each bridesmaid to a different vendor as a “Vendor Liaison”. This way, as the bride, you don’t feel bombarded with questions from the caterer, DJ, photographer etc. They can handle any quick questions and relay only the important questions or issues to you or your parents. Each vendor liaison is also responsible for distributing thank you cards and tips to each vendor so you don’t need to worry about it at the end of the event. Instead, you can enjoy the party and have fun.

#3 Share a list of group photos that you would like your photographer to take. (extended family, college friends, sorority sisters, siblings etc.) Try to take these pictures during dinner so you won’t have to gather people when they are celebrating on the dance floor. Your DJ can announce each group to gather in a designated spot to take each of these pictures. As the bride and groom you will need to be in most of the pictures so you should allocate additional time for dinner to make sure you have time to eat as well. You can also schedule group photos for the cocktail hour instead if you plan to take photos before the ceremony.

#4 Designate a bridesmaid or family member to be in charge of the schedule for the day and to make sure everyone (including the bride and groom) stays on time. As the bride you should be able to relax as you get ready and not have to worry about all the other details.

Interested in more wedding day tips? Read more here.

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